The Odyssey of a Cornell Forestry Student
to the Idaho Selway National Forest
in the Summer Season of 1916,

and his blunders as a telephone lineman, botanist, forest fire lookout, surveyor, heliograph telegrapher, weather man and camp cook.  This is written as a warning to other tenderfoot aspirants to the so-called simple life of the pioneer.  The stories are true.

by G. Allen Burrows

Note: Mr. Burrows (1890-1974) was the father of M. Claire (Burrows) Schory, who was wife of Kenneth P. Schory and mother of Donald K., Kenneth C. (who transcribed this journal), Clifton C., and Lori C. Schory. Chapter breaks and titles were added by K.C.S. Image titles are mostly as provided by Mr. Burrows; some have been added by K.C.S.  Please address questions and comments to Ken Schory No part of this journal may be used for commercial purposes without the express written consent of Ken Schory.

     1    On the Road
     2    Arrival in Idaho
     3    Up the River
     4    The Englishman and the Bandits
     5    At Goddard Bar
     6    At O'Hara Bar
     7    Up the Mountain
     8    On Top -- Cougars, Deer & Cattle
     9    Cookin'
10  It's a Tough Life
11  The Heliograph
12  Summer Snow
13  Indians
14  Winding Down
15  Back to Civilization
16  Reflections
Poem: Lightning on the Lookout
Poem: The Song of the Mountain
Comments by Ken Schory